Nokia Lumia 2520 Vs Microsoft Surface 2: Specs Of Windows RT Tablets Reviewed, Thin Multitasking Monsters Include 2 GB Of RAM

Nokia Lumia 2520 vs Microsoft Surface 2: Microsoft delivered a more modernized set of hardware to outfit its second generation of Surface tablet while Nokia surprised the market by introducing Lumia 2520 when it first ventured into the tablet market. Both units are built with their Windows RT environment which included 2GB of RAM to work with. Here’s a comparison of the specifications of the two multitasking gadgets.

Nokia Lumia 2520 comes in a polycarbonate plastic body with flashy colors and sleek design while the Surface 2 looks sturdier in the VaporMg casing which has solid industrial design and angular cuts.

Lumia 2520 has a height and width of 6.6 inches x 10.5 inches, while the Surface 2 comes in at 6.8 inches x 10.8 inches – both devices are .35 inches thin. The Lumia 2520 weighs in slightly less at 1.35 pounds, while the Surface 2 sits at around 1.5 pounds.

According to Phone Arena, Surface 2 is equipped with things we can see in a laptop like a full-sized USB 3.0 port, easily accessible microSD card slot, microHDMI port, and an adjustable kickstand. In comparison, the Lumia 2520 offers a microUSB 3.0 port and a microSD slot only.

The Lumia 2520 features a 6.7-megapixel rear camera with an f1.9 Zeiss lens, and a 2-megpixel front-facing one. Meanwhile, the Surface 2 has a 5-megapixel camera at the back and a 3.5-megapixel one around the front.

Microsoft Surface 2 has a larger 10.6-incher display than the Lumia 2520’s 10.1-inch display. Both feature 1080p IPS LCD touchscreens that deliver sharp details. The Lumia comes in with a slightly higher PPI of 218 while the Surface comes in at 208.

The color reproduction on the Lumia 2520’s display is livelier, producing warmer color tones compared to the cooler and subdued tones seen with the Surface 2’s display. Outdoor visibility is good with both, but the brightness output is stronger with the Lumia 2520.

You can now choose the best Window RT tablet that suits your need.

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