Norman Reedus AKA Daryl Dixon Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Reveal His Most Challenging Scene On ‘Emmy Round Table’ With 5 Other TV Drama Actors; Chandler Riggs Appearing In The Niagara Falls Comic Con

“The Walking Dead” (TWD) Season 5 will premiere in October. While fans are keen to knowing how Rick Grimes and the rest of the gang will escape Terminus, Norman Reedus, also known as Daryl Dixon from his role in the hit TV series, joined five other TV drama actors in the “Emmy Round Table” last April with transcript published at Los Angeles (LA) Times. He shared the link on his Facebook account to be viewed by his 3.8 million Likers.

The 45-year-old Reedus was with Julianna Margulies of “The Good Wife”, Jon Hamm of “Mad Men”, Liev Schreiber of “Ray Donovan”, Vera Farmiga of “Bates Motel”, and Virginia Johnson of “Masters of Sex”. He revealed that the death of Daryl’s brother Merle was his most challenging scene, explaining that although the character of younger Dixon is always tough, he still acted as little brother around Merle. So, it was hard for him to deal with the lost.

One thing that some, or perhaps most, TWD fans would love is when Reedus mentioned about Carol (Melissa McBride) while on the discussion on their favorite character that their TV series character interacts with. He said that his character evolved because of her, adding his compliments to McBride.

Apart from shooting for the TWD Season 5, Reedus is currently busy with a book of fan art, wherein his fans sent in their artworks to him that ended last May 13. So, right now, he is on the “assembly” stage although no word from him yet on when it will be published.

Meanwhile, the 14-year-old Chandler Riggs or the Carl Grimes we know in TWD, will be one of the guests at Niagara Falls Comic Con along with other actors, like William Shatner, Dean Cain, Kathryn Parsons, Marina Sirtis, and Tyler Mane. He’s ready for a Photo-Op on Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Just a quick note to those who haven’t heard, Riggs was nominated for the Young Artist Award as “Best Leading Young Actor” in 2012 and 2013 for his portrayal of young Grimes in the show.

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