North West is Not Stopping Mommy; Kim Kardashian Seen in NY Showing a LOT of Cleavage

Some might have expected Kim Kardashian to lower the outfit craziness down a notch, especially now that North West in town. But, lo and behold! Kim was just seen exiting a building and showing a lot of cleavage.

She was just returning from her photo shoot in New York, and even had baby North West in tow. Being the Kardashian that she is, she looks absolutely stunning in her outfit. However, she might be showing too much boob. Kim has gone all out to prove to society that a woman does not have to let off her sex appeal once she becomes a mother.

Kim wore an exaggeratingly plunging black top, which she also paired with a black blazer. She wore sexy black leggings and had a sky-high beehive-style hairdo. Although her looks seem over the top, it could be understandable, since she was fresh out of an NYC photo shoot. She showcased this unique outfit for everyone to see as she walked from her car to the door of her apartment on the 16 of June, all while pushing baby North West’s stroller.

It is good that she is saying a huge flat-out “NO” to mom jeans, but she might need to tone things down a bit. However, “tone down” might be two words that the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star does not have in her vocabulary. That said, it would be interesting to find out what kind of poses she had for her photo shoot.

It would seem that Kim, despite undergoing pregnancy, is very comfortable with her body, particularly her chest area. She was last seen at Tennessee during the Bonnaroo music festival, with her cleavage, once again, on full show. However the free boob show was not the reason she attended the festival, as she was only there to show support for her husband Kanye West.

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