Now You See Me 2: Dave Franco Reportedly Leaked Plot Details Of The Film As Release Date Set On 2015! ‘G.I. Joe 2’ Director To Helm The Sequel!


The sequel to 2013 caper thriller movie, Now You See Me is officially in the works.

The Wrap reports that G.I. Joe 2 director Jon Chu will helm Now You See 2 according to multiple individuals who are familiar with the sequel.

Jon Chu recently finished filming his latest movie, “Jem and the Hologram” and he is looking forward to work on Now You See Me 2 as they begin shooting the film on September 2014. Summit Media stated that Now You See Me 2 will be shown in cinemas on 2105.

Meanwhile, one of the stars of Now You See Me Dave Franco allegedly leaked the sequel’s plot details.

According to reports We Got This Covered, Dave Franco apparently heard the pitch story for Now You See Me 2 as he stated that.

“Last I heard, we were still going at the end of this year. … I’ve heard a pitch of the story. It’s actually going to be really exciting. I was slightly weary, just because you never know when it comes to a sequel. But I think the first one opened up enough avenues. There are many directions left to explore. There are many places that it can go, and they really – they held true to the spirit of the first one, but it’s going to be enough of a departure that it doesn’t just feel like a complete copy of the first one.”

As it turns it was only a sample story that writers submitted for the sequel as the script for Now You See Me 2 was not yet finalized.

The first movie stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fishe and Dave Franco as four gifted street magicians who are brought together by an unknown benefactor to perform a series of heist as they are being chased down by a FBI Agent (Mark Ruffalo) hell bent on capturing them, with the help of an ex-magician (Morgan Freeman) who knows every trick the magicians can do.

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