O-Town Reunion: They Are Finally Back! Watch Their New Music Video ‘Sky Dive’ Here!

Boyband O-Town’s reunion is official! The new music video of the powerful ballad, “Skydive,” is finally out!

The newly reunited group’s new video features members Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick, Erik-Michael Estrada, and Dan Miller in a desert pining after a lost love. Watch it below:

The 90’s pop band was a end product of ABC’s “Making The Band” and became the first artists to sign with Clive Davis’ record label, J-Records. The group is most famous for their hit songs “All Or Nothing” and “Liquid Dreams,” which dropped names of the era’s most famous beauties.

The US Billboard #1 hit named hot ladies of the 90’s like Janet Jackson, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, and Destiny’s Child as the boys’ dream girls.

Jacob and Trevor assured fans that the new album, “Lines And Circle,” will feature a song mentioning modern day pop stars.

‘We had lots of fans asking us if we were going to update Liquid Dreams to feature women of today,’ Jacob reportedly told Daily Mail, “We found it funny and thought ‘why not?’ but we’ve also got a new song which features some modern day singers as well.”

Although O-Town’s debut album sold 1.7 million copies and seven UK Top 40 hits, the group’s musical journey came to an end after only four years. Conflict between the TV and music company that made the show caused a financial crisis to fall on the band.

Prior to the O-Town reunion, each member moved on with their own careers which proved to be a blessing to the reformed group. Jacob, who graduated with a business degree, now manages O-Town’s finances. Dan worked at the production outfit “The Clutch”-that catered to J-Lo and Justin Bieber-before learning graphic design. He’s the one responsible for “Lines And Circles'” artistic and modern cover design.

Erik worked in film and video production, while Trevor pursued music in Nashville. Their fifth member, Ashley Parker, however, decided not to reunite with his former bandmates.

‘We had a buddy three years ago who said ‘why don’t you get back together?’ and it spawned the making of what we wanted to do, and now after that time we’re ready to show the world our work,’ Trevor told the Daily Mail regarding their timely comeback.

O-Town’s fourth studio album, “Lines And Circles” will be released on August 3. Their new single, “Skydive,” will be available on iTunes on July 27.

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