October 21 Is Battlefield Hardline Release Date! Electronic Arts Makes It Official, Launching Trailer On It’s YouTube Channel

Battlefield Hardline release date is confirmed on October 21, according to the latest in a series of leaked videos posted online.

Electronic Arts wised up: with the series of leaked gameplay and trailer footage leaked online for the past few weeks, it’s hard to keep things under wraps as planned. EA decided to post an official trailer video on their YouTube channel.

The new Battlefield trailer is dubbed “Into the Jungle,” featuring street-level tactical missions and combat. EA also posted official in-game assets to supplement the tease.

The forty-four second trailer confirms the title’s launch to October 21. It is also listed on the PlayStation Network, offering perks to Battlefield Hardline Deluxe owners. Exclusive access to the Versatility, Precision, and Suppression Backpacks give players an early arsenal of assault rifles, weapon camos, and XP boosts.

With the Battlefield Hardline release date confirmed, fans of the series expect more reveals at next week’s E3. Preorder options are also anticipated (



A SkyEagleGaming community member managed to grab an advance copy of the official game trailer, prior to its release. What’s notable is the promise of a full, five-minute, multiplayer demo, scheduled to come out at the official site (battlefield.com/hardline), date to be confirmed.

The confirmation of the Battlefield Hardline release date is a welcome relief for fans of the franchise, as well as to the executives at Electronic Arts and Visceral Games. The first leaked video revealed much of the title’s gameplay early in its development.

An EA representative admitted the leak was legitimate footage, though six months outdated.

Another in-game video leaked out a few days ago, allegedly a beta test of gameplay. EA has yet to comment on the incident.

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games are having a hard time suppressing leaks, and with E3 up in a few days, doing so would be pointless. The Battlefield Hardline release date is announced in time for the June 9 convention’s many reveals.

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