October Is The Evil Within Release Date; RE Fans Frothing At The Mouth With Hands-On Preview Of Mikami’s Newest Offering!

The latest Resident Evil installment won’t be available for quite some time, but reports of The Evil Within release date on October keep survival horror fans satisfied.

The game is anticipated, but Capcom won’t have any part in the merits (or fails) of the title. The game earns street credibility in Shinji Mikami, though, the one person responsible for the entire Resident Evil franchise.

The Evil Within is scheduled for release on October 21 US, 24 Europe. Ports to the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC platforms are confirmed.

The Evil Within release date debuts Mikami’s Tango Gameworks development studio. Early hands-on gameplay is met with positive reviews.

Bethesda’s new trailer for the title mentions enhancements available to those who pre-order copies of the game. The “Fighting Chance Pack” is an incentive package which includes a medikit, green gel upgrade (for character attributes), double-barrel shotgun with three rounds, and an incendiary and poison agony bolt; the starter kit offers an advantage to players early in the game (



There’s been a scarcity in survival horror games, even with new technology available. Title like Outlast and Sole Survivor managed to maintain interest in the genre, and The Last of Us offers an open-world environment that broadens the scope of the survival horror genre.

Aside from The Evil Within, Mikami is working on Alien: Isolation, also from Tango Gameworks Studios. His last collaboration with Capcom was God Hand (2006), followed by project like Vanquish and Shadow of the Damned.

Anticipation for The Evil Within release date builds up; a hands-on review of the game describes it as mixture of Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

The demo is a bit sketchy on the actual plot, but it involves a policeman walking into a psychiatric hospital thick with zombies, tormented or possessed by supernatural forces. The game reminds of the RE 4 opening scene, with “infected” hosts murdering healthy people in plain sight (



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