October Samurai Warriors 4 Release Date! Sony Preps Fans With Next Week’s E3 Debut! Game Offers New Features, Characters Previously Exclusive To The Japanese Version

The Samurai Warriors 4 release date has been announced for October across the US and Europe, days before the title’s E3 debut.

Publisher Tecmo Games confirmed the Western release for the game, for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. The title is already out on the Japanese market.

The price point for copies are pegged at $49.99 for the PS3, ten dollars cheaper than the PS4 version. The PS Vita release is priced at $39.99. The versions are retailed through the PlayStation Store as DLC, with save data compatible across all the platforms.

The announcement for the Samurai Warriors 4 release date is a tease to the E3 unveiling. With a Sony booth display at E3 next week, the US and Europe release of the game will feature characters previously exclusive to the Japanese version.

Up to fifty characters are playable, either by default or unlocked, including Takatora Todo, Naotora Ii and Munenori Yagyu. New attacks are introduced into gameplay, as well as a new battling mode which allows tagging and switching of characters in-game.

Aside from a feature which lets you take two characters into battle, the Vagrant Mode will also accommodate requests to players regarding character customization. The Samurai Warriors 4 release date is scheduled on October 21 in the US, October 24 in Europe (



The Samurai Warriors series is a melee hack-’em-up, similar to the Dynasty Warriors and Hyrule Warriors titles. It was previously announced the 4th installment will be out by Fall on Western shores, and the confirmation of an October release, paired with an E3 reveal, should make up for fans’ anticipation.

A trailer for the Japanese version has been released much earlier, giving US and Europe gamers a taste of the title’s features. The Samurai Warriors 4 release date is expected to be followed up with a playable demo next week, at Sony’s E3 booth.

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