‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Spoilers: Storybrooke Welcomes More ‘Frozen’ Characters; Idina Menzel To Play Queen Elsa?

“Once Upon a Time” season 4 spoilers are still revolving around more ‘Frozen’ characters going to Storybrooke, as producers are still looking for an actress to play Queen Elsa. Should it be Idina Menzel?

According to, the actress who should play Queen Elsa must be in her late 20s or early 30s, which should logically rule out Idina Menzel, who sang the Oscar-winning song “Let it Go” in the “Frozen” movie, who’s already 43 years old.

However, the website revealed “Once Upon a Time” season 4 spoilers by claiming that producers of the series are also looking at adding Princess Anna and her love interest, Kristoff, in the list of Storybrooke characters.

The producers are still casting the actors but Anna should be “fun loving” and “fearless optimist” while Kristoff should be handsome, “hearty” but with a gruff demeanor.

Fans of the series were treated with “Once Upon a Time” spoilers when Queen Elsa briefly appeared at the season 3 finale, reported, with her back to the viewers but still donning her unmistakable blue gown.

The actress playing Queen Elsa was only a stand-in, said the website, since the producers have not decided on the cast yet.

The characters in ‘Frozen’ will continue with the story arc from the animated film. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna “will still be close, while Kristoff is adjusting to life in the Arendelle castle for the first time,”


“Frozen’s” Queen Elsa will be playing a recurring rule while Princess Anna and Kristoff will play minor roles, according to several reports.


added that there’s a possibility that Olaf the snowman from the film “Frozen” might appear in the show, or at least the producers did not immediately dismissed the idea.

“The show bosses laughed and offered a ‘No comment’ on the prospect of a CGI Olaf showing up,” the website added.

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