One Man Killed and Four People Injured at Pre-BET Awards Parties

One person was killed and at least four others were injured prior to the BET Awards on Sunday in East Hollywood.

Police officials confirmed that such were the case following two separate incidents at pre-BET Awards parties held in Los Angeles.

LAPD officer Drake Madison confirmed the shooting that took place at the Monalizza Restaurant & Banquet Hall, but failed to clarify whether or not the shooting did take place inside the restaurant or from the outside, according to the

NY Post.

After the shooting, the suspect fled the scene and one of the three people shot was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. However, the victim was eventually pronounced dead, while the other two were declared in stable condition, Chicago Tribune reported.

In yet another grueling incident, Madison confirmed that a man was stabbed to death in the stomach on Saturday night at the Lure nightclub.

Madison revealed that both incidents were related to the BET Awards but stressed that it did not have anything to do with the official events, The Guardian reported.

BET has released an official statement and said, “The two isolated incidents over the weekend occurred at locations with events that were unauthorized and unaffiliated with the BET Awards, BET experience at L.A. LIVE or their partners.”

“Security remains the number one priority for all official BET events and the network and all organizers will continue to maintain a safe environment for all planned activities,” the statement concluded.

As of late, both suspects on both incidents are still being located by police officials and as such, no one was arrested at both crime scenes.

The BET Awards show is a yearly gathering that takes pride in recognizing black artists and other black performers in the field of music, film, television, sports, entertainment and the arts.

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