‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 809 Spoilers: The Latest Chapter Is All About Sanji, Caesar And Inuarashi?

'One Piece' Manga Chapter 809 Spoilers: The Latest Chapter Is All About Sanji

'One Piece' Manga Chapter 809 Spoilers: The Latest Chapter Is All About Sanji, Caesar And Inuarashi?

The upcoming episode of Japanese anime series “One Piece” is rumored to be all about the Sanji, Caesar and Inuarashi, according to Realty Today .
The upcoming chapter 809 of the manga series is expected to reveal the important role of Caesar. It will also be shown that Caesar will stop delivering the artificial “Devil Fruits” to the Kaido Pirates, which will gamble their safe position while fighting with Strawhats.

Caesar, Donquixote Pirates Scientist, is rumored to be captured by the World Government and Marines and the next episode will throw some light on the events of his capture.
 Movie News Guide reported that the next episode of “One Piece” may also highlight details regarding the King of Night. One of the most important characters of the series, Sanji is rumored to make an appearance in the upcoming episode.
The chapter will also feature the details about his earlier disappearance from the series in chapter 730. The reason why Sanji left the Strawhat pirates group will also be revealed. It is rumored that the possible reason for Sanji’s departure from the group is capturing Caesar Clown and delivering him to the Marines, reported Christian Post.
The next chapter of the anime series “One Piece” promises to be full of drama and adventure, as the Strawhats tries to rescue Sanji from the Marines and the World Government, in order to find Caesar.
Duke Inuarashi and Master Cat-Viper will also be seen bonding over their original relationship ties. The earlier chapter showcased that Inuarashi fought the battle with Jack, Pirates captain effortlessly without the help of any armory. Inuarashi’s supremacy may be revealed in the upcoming chapter 809, reported Christian Today .
The most interesting plot of the upcoming chapter will be the revelation of Caesar’s help to the Mink Tribes to survive Shinokuni’s poison gas attack from the Beast Pirates. It is rumored that Caesar will save the Mink tribes as the members have earlier helped Strawhats.
The release date of chapter 809 of the manga series “One Piece” is yet to be finalized.

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