Orange Is The New Black Season 2: Danielle Brooks Talks Taystee’s Evolution; Watch Officer Bennett Audition For Magic Mike 2 Here! [VIDEO]

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 is finally out and the cast is making rounds doing PR for the show! Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee’s (nee Tasha Jefferson) on OITNB, spoke with TV Guide recently about Orange Is The New Black Season 2. Matt McGorry, who plays Officer Bennett, on the show did a hilarious audition for Magic Mike, which can be seen below! (Some spoilers ahead.)

Brooks talked about how Taystee got her nickname, saying, “ [Vee] gives her that name and to me it seems sort of forced in a way, someone always calling you something and you not really accepting it. And it’s very interesting when she does accept the name when she decides to join Vee’s team because of whatever situation she was going through at the time. It’s very interesting to me. It’s not what I thought it was going to be prior, but as an actor I love the choice that it comes from her as a child.”

Brooks also talked about the evolution of her character, saying, “I feel like she still hasn’t figured out who Tasha is and I feel like for her, she’s comfortable in staying in the Taystee place and Vee referring to her as Taystee because that’s really become a part of who she is. But I do feel like she’s starting to grow into Tasha and I feel that as we keep watching the season, we’ll see her really start to transform into a woman. And I feel like what will possibly, hopefully be revealed in seasons to come is Taystee possibly transforming into Tasha Jefferson.”

She also added about how Taystee is always optimistic. “I hope that there is room for Taystee to get out of this system and I think that she can do it. It’s just a matter of the universe helping her get to where she needs to get to and Taystee loving herself enough. I’m worth getting out of here. I’m worth more than my circumstance.”

Matt McGorry, who plays Officer Bennett, in OITNB, did a hilarious video with College Humor where he pretends to audition for Magic Mike 2. He didn’t actually audition for the film, sadly; however the hilarious clip shows McGorry taking off his shirt every 20 seconds, as a Starbucks barista, as a doctor, etc. He just wants to take his shirt off and dance! Watch the full hilarious clip below.

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