‘Orphan Black’ Season 3, Episode 6 Spoilers, Synopsis & Promo Preview: ‘Certain Agony Of The Battlefield’ (S03E06) Sees Felix Searching For A Missing Sarah [VIDEO]

Are you ready for another episode of “Orphan Black” Season 3? The hit BBC America series is back next week with an all-new episode, called “Certain Agony Of The Battlefield,” that’s sure to keep you on your toes.

We’ll see Felix desperately searching for clues as to where his missing sister, Sarah, could be – plus so much more!.

What else does “Orphan Black” team have in store for us? Check out the full Episode 6 synopsis, S03E06 promo preview video, plus even more spoilers below!

“Certain Agony Of The Battlefield,” which will air on Saturday, May 23 at 9:00 P.M.

EST, marks the show’s 6  episode in its third season on BBC America.

According to the official BBC America synopsis for Episode 6, “Paul digs and finds the ugly truth behind the Castor Boys’ logbooks of names, pushing him into action.” “Meanwhile, Felix is desperate for info on Sarah’s whereabouts, and presses the still-ailing Rachel for any shred of a lead,” continues the synopsis for “Certain Agony Of The Battlefield” (S03E06).

In order for Donnie and Alison to take their money-making endeavor to the “next level” she must introduce Jason Kellerman to her unique business plan,” concludes the official synopsis.

Care for some more “Orphan Black” spoilers? You’re in luck! BBC America has answered our prayers and released an exciting promo preview video to give us a sneak peek of exactly what to expect on Saturday’s episode.

Watch the all-new S03E06 promo video right now: Are you excited for the next installment of your favorite sci-fi drama yet? We certainly are! What do you think about the latest “Certain Agony Of The Battlefield” spoilers, synopsis, and promo preview video? Will Felix locate his missing sister? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know your predictions! “Certain Agony Of The Battlefield,” Episode 6 of “Orphan Black” Season 3, airs on BBC America this Saturday (May 23) at 9:00 P.M.


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