Oscar De La Hoya Talks About Golden Boy Promotions’ Current Status! ‘The Golden Boy’ Says His Company Is ‘Moving Full Steam Ahead’, Willing To Work With Everyone For The Fans?

Oscar De La Hoya recently spoke about Golden Boy Promotions and its current state amidst all the issues that the company has faced.

Most recently, CEO Richard Schaefer stepped down from his post after a decade of service with the company. Shortly after, top pound-for-pound boxer Floyd Mayweather followed suit.

In line with these recent events, Oscar De La Hoya spoke about the current state of his company to answer all the lingering questions posed by fans and media alike.

“Everything is moving forward 1000%,” De La Hoya said in an interview with. “We’re making fights, we’re just moving forward, full steam ahead. And it’s exciting because we have this big show this Saturday which we’re all excited about.”

“It’s just a matter of tying all the loose ends,” he added. “We’ll be making announcements shortly, but I’m very excited about the future of Golden Boy.”

The promotion company has experienced a number of major shake-ups in the past weeks. Most recently, COO Bruce Binkow also left the company. But Oscar De La Hoya clarified that most of Golden Boy Promotions fighters are still with the company.

“We have a lot of fighters with us, that are signed to Golden Boy,” De La Hoya said. “That’s never been a doubt within the company.”

Oscar De La Hoya also promised to uphold the tradition of Golden Boy Promotions since it started in 2002, and that is to make the fans happy. With that, he also said that he is willing to work with everyone to make it happen.

“It’s all about just doing the right fights for the fans,” he said. “That really is what my vision was when I started Golden Boy, and we’re gonna continue on that tradition moving forward.”

“I’m gonna work with everybody and anybody, as long as we’re making the best fights happen,” he added. “We’re gonna continue working together and give the fight fans what they deserve.”

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