Park Bom’s Fans In The Philippines Ship Her With Lee Dong Wook

Park Bom's Fans In The Philippines Ship Her With Lee Dong Wook
Park Bom's Fans In The Philippines Ship Her With Lee Dong Wook


2NE1 singer Park Bom has entertained a few possible love lines while appearing in the program “Roommates.” But the fans in one country are still hoping that the roommate/boyfriend she winds up with is actor Lee Dong Wook.

During one episode of the program, in which 11 celebrities share a house, the singer went to a tarot reading café. She wanted to know which of her celebrity roommates would make the best romantic match for her. Park Bom was happy with the results. The tarot card reader said she was compatible with Lee Dong Wook and EXO’s Chanyeol, another roommate.

“I like Lee Dong Wook oppa,” said Park Bom.

That much was obvious from the tweets she previously sent out. One of her tweets said she was a fan of the actor’s current drama “Hotel King.” Why? She watched it because Lee Dong Wook was in it. Even though he did not seem like the same person as his character, she described her roommate as having charismatic eyes.She had nothing but praise for him.

But when Bom told the actor what the tarot reader said about their marital compatibility he seemed surprised and not terribly enthusiastic.

“Our fate is to get married,” she told him.

He responded, “Us, why?”

She laughed at his response but his lack of enthusiasm must have been embarrassing.

Lee Dong Wook, the star of “Hotel King,” said in the past that he needs to date more but with his busy schedule there are not too many opportunities. It’s not as if he can go on blind dates. And ‘Roommates” proves he is not inclined to follow the advice of tarot card readings.

In general fans had mixed reactions to the idea of this couple but some were enthusiastic enough to coin a couple term for them: Bo-dong.

Fans in the Philippines seem especially taken with the idea of the actor and singer becoming a couple. Before Park Bom and fellow members of the band 2NE1 held a concert in the Philippines, they had a press conference. The press conference was attended by many of their fans and some of them displayed signs in support of the couple.

Park Bom said she was surprised to see so many fans holding signs with her name and Lee Dong Wook’s.

“I saw the signs that said ‘Bo-Dong’ everywhere I looked,” she said. “This is a deal big. I was shocked to see so many of those signs. They all seemed to think that way here. Do I have to get married? I wondered if this means I have to date him.”

What do you suppose might happen if she asks Lee Dong Wook those questions?

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