Park Ha Sun Replaces Yoon Eun Hye In “Temptation”

Park Ha Sun Replaces Yoon Eun Hye In "Temptation"
Park Ha Sun Replaces Yoon Eun Hye In "Temptation"


Only a few days after Yoon Eun Hye decided she could not fit the drama “Temptation” into her filming schedule, actress Park Ha Sun was confirmed as her replacement.

In “Temptation,” Park Ha Sun will play the role of Na Hong Joo. In the drama she is married to Cha Suk Hoon, played by Kwon Sang Woo, and her character is always happy to do whatever her husband wants. She grew up in a poor home and marrying Cha Suk Hoon has greatly improved her life. She loves her husband and is grateful for the life he has given her. But her love will be tested when her debt-ridden husband sells himself to another woman to avoid financial ruin.

Choi Ji Woo, last seen in “The Suspicious Housekeeper,” will play the heiress Se Young. She meets the happily married Cha Suk Hoon and his wife in Hong Kong and offers to pay off his debt if he will submit to her. To save his family, Cha Suk Hoon accepts the deal, but it’s a deal that may ultimately cost him his family.

It’s not clear exactly what “submit to her” means but it sounds a lot like cheating and it will probably feel that way to his wife.

Having spent her life as a busy career woman, the workaholic Se Young never managed to fall in love. Playboy Kang Min Woo, to be played by Lee Jung Jin, tried to seduce her but had no luck. She never cared for anyone until she met Cha Suk Hoon.

At first it seemed as if the drama would feature a love triangle, composed of Kwon Sang Woo’s character, his drama wife and the woman who buys him, but a new plot twist has been revealed. “Temptation” will have a complicated love square. Kang Min Woo, the playboy that wanted to woo Se Young, will fall for Hong Joo and want to become a better person because of her.

Park Ha Sun debuted in the 2005 drama “Love Needs A Miracle” and became a star after her role in the 2010 historical drama “Queen Inhyun.” Park Ha Sun has appeared in a few dramas a year for the last seven years. She was last seen as a police detective helping Park Yoochun in the political thriller “Three Days” and as Lee Jun Ki first love in the melodrama “Two Weeks.”

Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo previously co-starred in the 2003 hit drama “Stairway to Heaven.” He was last seen in “Medical Top Team” and “Queen of Ambition.”

The drama will follow “Doctor Stranger.”

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