Park Suh Joon And Um Jung Wha’s Romantic Kiss

Park Suh Joon And Um Jung Wha's Romantic Kiss
Park Suh Joon And Um Jung Wha's Romantic Kiss

“A Witch’s Love” Park Suh Joon and Um Jung Wha kissed.

On the 15 episode of tvN Monday/Tuesday cable drama “A Witch’s Love” (script Ban Ki Ri, Lee Sun Jung, director Lee Jung Hyo) broadcast on June 9, Yoon Dong Ha (played by Park Suh Joon) started to kiss Ban Ji Yeon (played by Um Jung Wha) in the most passionate way.

Yoon Dong Ha got a job as the assistant of Byun Suk Ki (played by Kang Sung Jin) who is a troublemaker employee where Ban Ji Yeon works.

At this, Ban Ji Yeon showed how disappointed she was and Yoon Dong Ha said, “I want to be with Tang Ja so I’m working with Director Byun.  What are you worrying about.  Even if there’s ten of you, Director Byun, the place for Taeng Ja is not the editor’s place.  What are you looking at?  Am I too good looking?” he asked.

Ban Ji Yeon said, “Even when I look at this, I feel like nothing is there anymore.  There are specials and no matter what anyone says, I look confident.  Do you know how hard I tried to be the editor?  I spoke coldly and put more makeup on.  I was worried more but are you stuck to Director Byun to get out a special?  Are you a lover like you say?  You bad traitor.”

At this, Yoon Dong Ha blocked Ban Ji Yeon with a kiss on the mouth and said, “You really have a lot to say.  I’m sorry.  I did wrong.  Can Director Byun take on a part time job?” And Ban Ji Yeon nodded her head and smiled brightly.

Netizens who saw Park Suh Joon and Um Jung Wha in the episode said, “Park Suh Jon and Um Jung Wha, the two look so good.” “Park Suh Jon and Um Jung Wha, great chemistry.” “Park Suh Jon and Um Jung Wha, this is so fun.” “Park Suh Jon and Um Jung Wha, Um Jung Wha is even more charismatic getting older.”

Meanwhile, “A Witch’s Love” is the love story between a single 39-year old woman named Ban Ji-yeon and a younger man of 25 years named Yoon Dong-ha.

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