Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Release Date Announced For The PlayStation 4; PopCap Games Set To Bring The Multiplayer Melee To Sony Consoles!

The Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare release date for the PS4 is confirmed; PlayStation 4 gamers finally get the chance to mulch and sod on their consoles.

PopCap’s follow-up to the much-acclaimed series is currently available on the PC and the Microsoft Xbox consoles (Xbox 360, Xbox One). The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 ports are set to be showcased at June 9 E3, with an official release on August 19.

PopCap is now accommodating preordered copies for the Sony consoles, bundled with game-enhancing digital card packs and custom character items familiar to PlayStation fans. The latter include hat packs from the Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and Fat Princess games.

Come Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare release date for the PlayStation, PopCap will keep the multiplayer features intact. With three competitive modes, a four-player cooperative mode, and a split-screen mode, the title’s newest installment departs from the original dynamic.

Players can choose between plants or zombies in competitive battles, adding a chess-like depth and variety to gameplay. The Boss mode exclusive to the Xbox One will also be carried over to the PlayStation 4 port (


The Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare release date is officially confirmed, and Sony will host booths for the title at E3 (with an expected playable demo).

In related news, PopCap hurdled a few challenges developing the game for the PC platform. A article quotes the makers are “striving to strike the right balance between pushing the Frostbite 3 engine, while ensuring the game is accessible to as many PC players as possible.”

Default (and minimum) PC specs required to play the game are set at Windows 7 and 8, 64 bit, which leaves Vista and 32-bit systems empty-handed.

PopCap Executive Producer Brian Lindley has high hopes for the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare release date. “Our players have already vanquished more than 400 million plants and zombies, and we can’t wait for PlayStation gamers to add to this total” (


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