Point Break Remake Spoilers: Teresa Palmer Snags The Female Lead Role! Edgar Ramirez Talks About Playing Bodhi, Actor Says ‘I’m Letting The Character Grow Out Of Me’

The latest “Point Break” remake spoilers reveal a new face joining the cast; and that is none other than, Teresa Palmer. The Aussie actress was last seen in the romantic zombie comedy film “Warm Bodies”. She starred as Julie, the love interest of a zombie turned human played by Nicholas Hoult. The 28-year old actress was also the leading lady of Liam Hemsworth in the drama “Love and Honor”.

Getting Teresa Palmer in the reboot of the classic 1991 surfing flick may add some star quality in the film. After losing Gerard Butler, people are hoping to hear the inclusion of famous Hollywood celebrities in the “Point Break” remake.

Luke Bracey is set to star as Johnny Utah and he is still making a name for himself. Actually, this movie could either make or break his career because he needs to match or even exceed Keanu Reeve’s acting in the original film.

The actor revealed some “Point Break” remake spoilers during an interview with USA Today and this got his fans excited. He said, “I grew up on the beach surfing and skating. I certainly love taking a drop on a big wave or going for a roll on my skateboard on a big hill.”

If Luke Bracey is the new Johnny Utah, then who would be the new Bodhi? Gerard Butler was supposed to play this role but new “Point Break” remake spoilers revealed that his schedule doesn’t match with his other films.

The producers got Edgar Ramirez to replace Gerard Butler, but not many people know him. He has won a Cesar Award for Most Promising Actor back in 2011 for the film “Carlos”. The Venezuelan actor will star in the new thriller “Deliver Us From Evil” alongside Eric Bana.

During a press conference, the 37-year old actor talked about his role and the plot of “Point Break” remake. reported that the Edgar Ramirez said, “Well, I’m working on it. It’s very difficult to anticipate what things are going to turn out to be. I’m very organic as an actor so I’m letting the character grow out of me.”

He added, “The only similarity that I can tell you so far is it’s that subversive spirit, that rebellious spirit, that anti-system spirit that is what really the whole story is about. The structure is similar but the story is different. But we want to keep the spirit from the first one.”

We need to wait until August 7, 2015 to see how different it is from the original movie. What do you think of the latest “Point Break” remake spoilers?

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