Point Break Remake Spoilers: Will Luke Bracey Become The New Keanu Reeves? Johnny Utah Will Be A Former Extreme Sports Star! Actor Says, ‘It’s A New, Untold Perspective’

Fans of the classic surfing film have been waiting to hear the latest “Point Break” remake spoilers. With Gerard Butler out of the film, all eyes are on Luke Bracey since he will be portraying the most important role in the movie – Johnny Utah.

The undercover FBI agent was originally played by Keanu Reeves and he became a household name after that film. In fact, that role won him an MTV Movie Award for the Most Desirable Male. The 1991 “Point Break” film paved way for Keanu Reeves to do more lead roles, including “Speed”, “The Devil’s Advocate”, and “The Matrix” film series.

Luke Bracey will now have some big shoes to fill because Keanu Reeves brought Johnny Utah to life. If the 24-year old actor will be able to do justice to his new role, then this could catapult his career just like what happened to the Hollywood heartthrob.

The reboot of the Kathryn Bigelow film will start shooting on June 26; and Luke Bracey spilled out some “Point Break” remake spoilers during an interview with USA Today. He said, “What Keanu, Patrick and Kathryn Bigelow did stand alone and on its own.”

The Aussie actor added, “We’re paying our respects and updating it to now. We’re taking the intensity and conceptualizing it to the 2015 world.” The movie is directed by Ericson Core, who is known for his works in “The Fast and the Furious”, “Invincible”, and “Daredevil”.

Since “Point Break” is all about surfing, then it is a must for him to learn how to surf. Thankfully, Luke Bracey is a natural at that sport. He said, “I grew up on the beach surfing and skating. I certainly love taking a drop on a big wave or going for a roll on my skateboard on a big hill.”

In the original movie, Johnny Utah was a college football star, but his background was changed in the reboot. The lead character will instead be a former extreme sports star. Luke Bracey said, “It’s a new, untold perspective.”

What do you think of the latest “Point Break” remake spoilers? Are you excited to see Luke Bracey shirtless and surfing?

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