‘Predator’ Remake Rumors Confirmed: 20th Century Fox Set To Reboot The Franchise! Original Cast Member Set To Direct! Female Actor To Take The Lead Role?

20th Century Fox has confirmed “Predator” remake rumors: a reboot is in the works, with one of the original film’s cast set to direct.

Fox has given the go signal to revive the “Predator” franchise, pulling in Shane Black to direct and pen the treatment for the production. Black is responsible for box-office hits and acclaimed films “Iron Man 3,” “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” and the first “Lethal Weapn.”

Black is no stranger to the franchise: he played the role of Hawkins in the Schwarzenegger film, as one of a squad of hardened marines picked off one-by-one by an alien trophy hunter. The original “Predator” movie (directed by John McTiernan) appealed to the crowds as a solid action movie which quickly took on a sci-fi twist.

It turned out the producers hounded Black to contribute and polish the script for the “Predator,” the latter declining continued requests. The studio eventually asked him to play a minor role in the film, to which he said yes. Black was then already credited for his work in “Lethal Weapon” and “Monster Squad.”

Black had no participation in follow-ups to the franchise, which experienced a serious decline and several box-office flops. The “Predator” remake rumors ware doubtful, but the Fox confirmation validates the reboot.

John Davis will supervise production, along with Fox executive Matt Reilly. The original film was a collaboration between Davis, Joel Silver, and Lawrence Gordon.

Black is busy with projects ever since “Iron Man 3” came out in theatres 2013. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are reportedly interested to be part of “The Nice Guys,” Chris Hemsworth is also considered for the title role in a revival of the 1930 Doc Savage (



Some “Predator” remake rumors are yet to be confirmed, including the start of production and the possibility of female characters taking the lead role. Gina Carano, Ronda Rousey, and Michelle Rodriguez are fan favorites for the possibility (



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