‘Pretty Little Liars’ Christmas Episode: Mona Is Back … As Ghost!

“Pretty Little Liars” fans could still remember the #FatalFinale last August 26 when they know something tragic would happen but didn’t know until the shocking episode revealed that it was over for Mona.

This coming December 9, Mona Vanderwaal is back in a flashback. She will be haunting Alison in “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas”.

“I’m not really, really gone. I will still be back. I will still be a regular. I’ll just be on the show in a different way – flashbacks – which I think is really positive because fans will finally get a lot of back info on Mona,” Janel Parrish, played as Mona in “Pretty Little Liars”, told HollywoodLife.com the next day after Mona got brutally killed in the episode.

It seems Mona is not coming back from the grave like Alison but will remain in Rosewood as the ghost of the town.

For Mona’s fans, it’s definitely a good news but it’s not for Alison because Mona thinks the former queen bee is responsible for her death. “I do not know. I don’t have a set in stone answer, but I do have my suspicions and I do think it’s Alison. She looked pretty smug standing outside my house,” Parrish said to HollywoodLife.com.

Parrish also assured as she told ET, “You have not seen the last of Mona. She will still be the crazy, dynamic Mona even after death.”

As the Liars, particularly Hanna, will dig on the murderer of Mona, they will perhaps unravel mysteries that the viewers are waiting for.

“I hope that Mona’s flashbacks lead to a lot of answers, once Hanna starts digging through her memories and coming up with things. Or other people’s memories about Mona – maybe in that there will be some answers and it will help them solve a lot of mysteries,” said Parrish to HollywoodLife.com in an interview.

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