‘Pretty Little Liars’ Premiere Recap: Aria Kills ‘A’; Spoiler Alert! Ezra Is Alive, Alison Is Back, ‘A’ Is Revealed!

“Pretty Little Liars” Premiere is back, and better than ever! Ezra is alive, Alison is back, Aria kills someone and ‘A’ is revealed! Yes, it’s really true!

Pretty Little Liars returned for Season 5, and went out with a bang. Literally. The episode ends with a gunshot, but who fired off? Keep reading to find out – it’s all part of the “A” game.

The episode starts with Ezra (Ian Harding) being rushed to the hospital. We already know that he makes it through, but it’s still heartbreaking seeing Mr. Fitz on a stretcher!

Aria (Lucy Hale) is beside herself with concern over Ezra, although already know that he makes it through, but the girls – including Alison (Sasha Pieterse)! – band together to further their chase for “A.” They realize that Ezra knows who “A” is, “A” is still out to get Ali and Ezra can possibly prevent that from happening…unless “A” gets to him first.

Alison and Aria run off to NYC find Ezra in the hospital, and Ali asks Aria about her relationship with Ezra. We’re predicting a love triangle between these three, but that’s hardly the biggest problem going on here – all of the girls’ mugs have been plastered over the news in a five-split missing person’s case. Oh, and Mona (Janel Parrish) is watching: “This changes everything.” Duh duh duhhh!

And guess who Mona’s teaming up with now? Lucas (Brendan Robinson)! Um, what?!

Ali wanders off from the hospital (all part of the plan), but the plan goes awry when she runs into “A” on the street! Ali runs for her life – she just got it back! – through a playground, and then, she runs into “A” who asks her, “Wanna play?” in just about the creepiest voice we’ve ever heard.

“A” tells Ali that this is now all over, but then the liars come out of nowhere and tell “A” that he’s clearly mistaken – they wouldn’t leave Ali by herself. Again, all part of the plan.

Bet they didn’t see this one coming: a zillion of masked “A’s” come out to play, ambushing the girls, before the police break it up. Speaking of police, Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris) is onto Ali.

The girls are at least a bit relived though because they got “A” away from Ezra. Foreshadowing alert: we bet “A” isn’t far away from Ezra.

Alison takes the girls to a special place, the Fitzgerald Theater, which ends up being where Ezra Fitz used to take her. Zoom into a flashback, and Ezra was totally hitting on Ali. “Mr. Fitzgerald?” she coyly asks him in the scene, set in his family’s namesake theater. Flirt alert!

Speaking of Ali’s past coming to haunt her, back at the hospital, Shana (Aeriél Miranda) shows up to comfort Aria – because Ali sent her to help.

Back at the theater, Ali is fast asleep (and looks eerily dead when Hanna tries to wake her up), and the girls chit-chat about her, and feel like she’s shutting them out. But in a nice moment of girl talk (it won’t last long – this is PLL), Spencer admits that she wouldn’t want to go back to the person she used to be. We’ll translate that into “I don’t do drugs anymore.”

Ugh. Knew we shouldn’t have spoke up so soon – all of the girls fell asleep, but Ali’s nap (we knew she looked to creepy to be dreaming peacefully) is harshly interrupted by a black-gloved hand covering her mouth!

Turns out, the gloved hand wasn’t “A” (well, at least we think) – it was CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray)!

Shana sure gets around town fast! Just when we thought she was at the hospital – so that’s Ezra whispered to Aria – she shows up at the theater and guns down the girls! Ali is shocked, screaming, asking Shana why she would turn against her. She’s there for justice. But for who? Jenna (Tammin Sursok)! Apparently Shana fell in love with Jenna, and is after Ali for revenge.

Rewind: Shana admits that she locked the girls in the lodge. Last season! It’s all coming together…is Shana really “A”?! Umm, not for long.

Aria travels quick, too. She shows up out of nowhere, grabs a huge gun, and knocks Shana right over the head with it, just as she’s about to knock the liars’ brigade out. And just like that, Shana is dead.

“It really is over. It’s over,” Aria says, shocked that she just killed someone.

Just throwing it out there: we’re going to say it’s not over.

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