Prince And Taylor Swift Release Streams On Tidal, Apple

Prince And Taylor Swift Release Streams On Tidal

Prince And Taylor Swift Release Streams On Tidal, Apple

On the heels of news that Prince has emerged with a new album, “Hitting Phase Two,” the eclectic guitarist and musician is releasing exclusive music to Tidal music service. Simultaneously, Taylor Swift has picked Apple for her video exclusive.

“It’s not proven yet whether exclusives on music streaming services drive lasting subscriber growth or just upset locked out fans,” reported  Hypebot.  
“But that hasn’t stopped every major player fromfighting and often writing big checks to land them.”
Tidal won a major victory when Prince released “Hitting Phase One and Two,” While Tidal subscribers can stream Prince’s new song and video, it can also be bought for a purchase.
Apple’s streaming-deal with Taylor Swift is also a major dominance for the iPhone-maker. It will gain access to Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour, a popular tool.
“Beginning Sunday, December 20, The 1989 World Tour LIVE will be available in its entirety exclusively to Apple Music members around the world at  and can be enjoyed across devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Apple TV,” said Taylor Swift.
Swift was speaking on her 26th birthday to make the announcement.
The video showing while streaking is from a tour near
Sydney, Australia. Apart from the concert, the stream will also carry a view of backstage and rehearsals with guest stars.
A spokesman for Prince said the stream was recorded over a period of four years.
One track on “Hitting Phase Two is “Baltimore,” a song about peace and understanding and the common occurrence of racial conflicts,” reported the LA Times
The first album “Hitting Phase One,” was released on September 7.

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