Prince George First Steps: Mommy Kate Middleton Reveals Precious Moment; Already Walking At 10 Months

He’s growing up so fast! That’s right, Prince George first step is official! The royal baby walked on his own at just 10 months old, his proud mom Kate Middleton bragged during a recent appearance.

Prince George has not even celebrated his first birthday yet, but that has not stopped him from preparing to take over the world. Kate Middleton, 32, has revealed that her royal baby is already walking. How exciting!

The Royal Baby is strutting his cute stuff all over Kensington Palace – on two feet.

During a brunch on Tuesday, June 10 with America’s Cup yachting team in Greenwich, London, George’s mom Kate revealed that her little one has started walking, People reports.

In case you don’t remember, we did get a sneak peek at George’s crawling and standing skills during his first royal tour of New Zealand and Australia in April 2014.

At his first official play date on April 9, the little prince crawled all over the place until his mom, Kate, held him up so that he could stand on his own two feet. Though he didn’t walk, he definitely looked stable – so it’s really no surprise that he is already taking his first steps!

We also got to witness Prince George bouncing on his feet during a trip to the zoo on April 20, which is pictured above. Kate and William held their son up, allowing him to stand as he interacted with an adorable little bilby.

It’s so great that Kate and William have been so hands-on with George, because it has definitely helped him advance to walking very quickly!

His sailing-enthusiast mom, the Duchess of Cambridge, also said she is eager to have 10-month-old George take to the water in a small dinghy when he’s old enough.

Kate, 32, on Tuesday met British sailing hero Sir Ben Ainslie, who offered to take Kate and George – who she has revealed is now walking – out on the water.

Ainslie said he could start the prince in a small single-handed children’s sailboat called an Optimist dinghy.

“The Duchess was very keen, but not for a couple of years yet – when he’s about 7 or 8,” he said. “But we’d love to get the Duchess sailing sooner. She’s very keen and of course we’d love to get her out on the water – she doesn’t get to do it much now.” 

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