Prince William And Kate Middleton: Is The Royal Couple Planning To Have Baby Number 2? Prince William More Popular Than Queen Elizabeth, Says Poll

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for short of three years now.  So, are there plans to expand their family anytime soon?

There have been rumors that the royal couple has been trying to get pregnant with baby number 2.  Their first son, George, will be turning 1 soon.

Until no official confirmation has been made by Prince William and Kate Middleton, people will just have to wait if indeed a baby number 2 is on the way.

While waiting for the news, fans of the royal couple can just celebrate with Prince William.  According to a poll by ComRes, the Duke of Cambridge is the most popular royal.

The poll which canvassed more than 2000 Britons showed that Prince William is highly favored by the public than Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and even the Prime Minister.

According to a report from Reuters:

“Sixty-eight percent of those asked said they had a favourable view of Prince William, 63 percent of the Queen, 43 percent of Prince Charles, and 28 percent of Cameron, the country’s most popular political party leader.”

“The poll, which was conducted on June 11-13, was not the first time that Prince William has been identified as the most popular royal. His wife Kate gave birth to a baby son last year amid a global media frenzy, boosting the couple’s profile,” added the report.

“The survey’s overall result confirms previous polling which suggests that the popularity of the British monarchy is at its highest level in decades.”

The Queen had been sitting on the throne for more than seven decades now.  If she decided to step down soon, her son Prince Charles will be the next-in-line.

Prince William, 31, is third-in-line.

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