Project Beast ‘Bloodborne’ Release Date Set As From Software Announces Game To Be A PS4 Exclusive! Dark Souls 2 Killer Inbound?

The Project Beast or “Bloodborne” release date has been confirmed!

Dark Souls developer From Software has announced that their upcoming action-RPG game, Bloodborne, will be a PS4-exclusive and it’s scheduled to launch in early 2015.

From Software is the company in charge for the game’s development while SCE Japan Studio is responsible for the production tasks.

Sony has revealed some of the plot details through their PlayStation Blog and the game promises to be filled with surprises and a mesmerizing plot. You take the role of a a traveler that went to a city called Yharnam to seek help as this city is known for its medical institutes. When you reach this town, you discover it’s now suffering from “a horrible endemic illness.” and you start to fight in order to survive.

“Bloodborne takes place in an ancient, forgotten city called Yharnam, known for an old medical remedy. Over the years, many hopeless and afflicted people have made long pilgrimages to Yharnam in search of help. As the main character, you are one of these travelers. However, you find that Yharnam is also cursed with a horrible endemic illness. You must navigate the perilous streets of this city, fighting off nightmarish creatures, malformed beasts and deranged mobs stricken with this horrific illness. Face your fears as you discover the secrets and mysteries of this dark and horrific world where danger, death and madness lurk around every corner.”

Since it’s a PS4-exclusive, From Software said that they will make use of the console’s hardware capabilities and introduce an expanded draw distance and new lighting effects to the game.

Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki released a message thanking everyone for their support and promising a great game.

“Creating Bloodborne as a completely new game on the new PlayStation 4 hardware has allowed us to really push the envelope in myriad ways,” Miyazaki said in a statement. “That being said, in more ways than one, it also very much retains our distinct, signature style. As has been at the core of our development philosophy since Demon’s Souls, we make true games for people who love games. Please watch for more to come on Bloodborne, and thank you very much for your support.”

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