PS4 Pre-Loading Games Diablo 3 And Destiny This Fall 2014? Digital Copies Installed In PlayStation 4 Units With Option To Purchase! No Download Necessary

Sony takes a new tack on digital releases; with the PS4 pre-loading games Diablo 3 and Destiny by default, gamers can purchase the titles without worrying about data caps and download speeds.

Sony plans to sell PlayStation 4 units with digital copies of games already installed. Initial units come with selected Activision titles installed and available for purchase.

One of the E3’s recaps involves a new approach in releasing digital copies of games, in this case preloaded into console systems. A Baird investors’ note hints of the prospect.

“One point of interest from our conversations at the show is the possibility that Sony may preload digital copies of Destiny and Diablo on all PS4 consoles beginning this fall (users still can choose whether to purchase), which should drive higher sell-through for Activision, but at the cost of retail sales.”

The strategy is to “bundle” titles into PlayStation 4 units upon release, but the digital copies aren’t free and need to be purchased, unlocked. There’s the obvious advantage of waiving downloaded content; DLC are either sources of convenience or frustration, depending on the quality and speed of Internet connection.

Sony plans to pilot the preloaded release in an effort to encourage gamers to purchase, in the same way items become more appealing when offered at a discount and as part of a bundle. A serious roadblock to DLC involves Internet data caps; games usually occupy several gigabytes of disk space, and broadband plans with data limits won’t accommodate the download (


Sony has yet to confirm reports of PS4 pre-loading games Diablo 3 and Destiny, but it’s settled both titles are coming to the console, the latter a potential (yet unconfirmed) exclusive. Bungie’s Destiny releases a beta this July, hits consoles on September 9th; pre-orders can be downloaded (or activated) a few days beforehand (


News of the PS4 pre-loading games Diablo 3 and Destiny, if confirmed, is expected to set a trend in downloadable content, especially in the context of Sony and Microsoft’s competition for the lion’s share of the gaming market.

Check out this YouTube user’s rundown on the prospects of preloaded games:

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