PS4 Vita Bundle PlayStation TV Comes To The UK Market! Sony Considers Possibilities To Compete With Microsoft And Its Abandoned Xbox One Kinect Offering

Sony UK is following on the strategy of its US strategy of a PS4 Vita Bundle PlayStation TV, possibly with more accessories thrown in for good measure.

Sony US recently announced it’ll

release the PS Vita as a PS4 bundle, in complement to both platforms. The strategy also aims to revive the PS Vita’s appeal to a next-gen console market.

In similar fashion, PlayStation TV is slated for an autumn release for the UK market. SCE UK Managing Director Fergal Gara has hinted it’ll be paired with the PS4 to offer gamers a good deal, as well as the ultimate gaming experience.

Sony maintains it’s still deliberating on the prospects of a PS4 PS TV bundle. “We are listening to feedback this week to make decisions on [the UK PlayStation TV bundles]. The option is there to do something similar [to the US], or maybe something different.”

In the US, the PS4 Vita Bundle PlayStation TV is already confirmed and settled, with a tempting price point deal to boot. Dubbed as a “my-first-PlayStation bundle,” the package will include a PS Vita game, HDMI cable, DualShock 3 controller, and the micro console.

Gara suggests Sony UK may use a different approach, though, based on the turnout of feedbacks within the week. “We can also bundle it with PS4, so basically it is a blank sheet of paper now. It is a great piece of technology to have and the way we take it to market will be shaped heavily by the feedback we have this week.”

The PlayStation TV unit costs £85 standalone, and its introduction into the UK market could affect PS4 sales. Gara maintains the PS4 Vita Bundle PlayStation TV is all for the best, and they’re not worried.

“No [I don’t see PlayStation TV deterring consumers from adopting the full PS4]. Quite the opposite really, we see it as a great accessory to PS4. We see that as its primary roll but it is almost complicated by the fact that it can do several things.” (


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