PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Sony’s Console Defeats Microsoft’s Yet Again In Terms Of Resolution! Shadow Warrior Joins COD, AC 4 In Games That Can Run In 1080p!

PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Shadow Warrior, a fast-paced FPS game with all the elements needed to have a fun FPS in your hand, will be run on 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One but both will have the same rate of frames per second which is 60 fps. Developer Flying Wild Hog has confirmed this news through an interview with GamingBolt. Also lead engineer programmer Krzysztof Narkowicz­ stated the reason of the resolution drop is that they didn’t want to sacrifice any “graphic features”.

“Shadow Warrior is a fast paced game, so it was very important to have 60 fps. Also ­we didn’t want to cut any graphic features, so we decided to use 900p with 60fps,” Krzysztof Narkowicz­ said about the Xbox One version.

Still developer Flying Wild Hog found trouble raising the resolution to 1080p to fit the PS4 capabilities.

“Mainly CPU issues, as our engine didn’t scale for more than 2­-4 cores. This required a change of threading architecture and many parts of the engine needed a rewrite.” Narkowicz said,

This is not the first game to be run on a lower resolution on Xbox One than PS4, also major games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and the newly released Watch_Dogs, run on 1080p on PS4 and lower on Xbox One.

Shadow Warrior was released on the PC last year and it is expected to hit PS4 and Xbox One platforms this summer. Tell us what you think about games being run on lower resolutions on Xbox One than on PS4 in the comment section below.

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