PSY ‘Hangover’ Featuring Snoop Dogg Music Video Released As A New Single Is Hinted This Summer! Watch Another Hilarious Hit From The ‘Gangnam Style’ Artist [VIDEO]

The newest music video from Korean artist PSY titled “Hangover” has been released and it shows a lot of hilarious alcohol drinking, and drunken brawling fun.

Joining PSY in Hangover is rapper/artist Snoop Dogg as the music video debuted last Sunday during an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, and it was uploaded recently on PSY’s YouTube channel.

Hangover music video starts off with PSY having a bad case of hangover as Snoop Dogg wakes up on a bath tub helping him out. Together they went on another drinking spree and they were joined by two older women. As they go on partying and drinking in a karaoke bar, PSY begins to hallucinate  seeing their older guests as their young and beautiful selves hinting he has reached his limit. They went on going to different places such as amusement parks, and playing billiards. The video ends with a lot chaos as people started fighting outside streets with PSY and Snoop Dogg going their merry way and that’s not all, the ending also teased another single from PSY coming this summer called “Daddy”.

Two of PSY’s label mates BIG BANG’S G-DRAGON and 2NE1’S CL are also shown in the music video.

PSY commented before that he put a lot extra effort in making his new song to compensate for “Gentlemen” during an interview with Korean Times.

“‘Gentleman’ was a song that was so un-me.”

“I am working on new songs for my upcoming album, and I am planning to do what I like the most, and what I do best. I’ call it Yang-a-chi-ggi, a word meaning ‘a sentiment defined by swaggering, boldness, and not timid in expressing oneself.'”

“Gangnam Style” has surpassed 2 billion hits in YouTube. Will Hangover able to break that record?

“2 billion views…they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers,” PSY said via a statement. “With appreciation, I will come back soon with more joyful contents!”

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