PSY New Song ‘Hangover’ Release Date Confirmed On June 2014 Featuring Snoop Dogg And G-Dragon! Will This Surpass ‘Gangnam Style’ And ‘Gentlemen’ In Music Charts?

PSY will make his comeback to the music world with a new song.

According to reports from Billboard, PSY’s latest song titled “Hangover” will feature collaborations with hip-hop rapper/artist Snoop Dogg and BIG BANG member/rapper G-Dragon. Hangover is scheduled to debut on June 8, 2014 on a special prime time airing in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Both PSY and Snoop Dogg will appear on the show to debut a clip from the song’s music video and after the show the full MV of Hangover will be posted PSY’s YouTube channel.

During a press release, PSY described the song as “a party anthem” and the music video would be a “raucous”.

The Korea Times reports that PSY has put a lot of extra effort in making his new song to compensate for “Gentlemen” as he once admitted the failure of the song at the year-end concert held at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic stadium in December last year.

“‘Gentleman’ was a song that was so un-me,” he said during the concert.

“I am working on new songs for my upcoming album, and I am planning to do what I like the most, and what I do best. I’ call it Yang-a-chi-ggi, a word meaning ‘a sentiment defined by swaggering, boldness, and not timid in expressing oneself.'”

Meanwhile, PSY greatest hit “Gangnam Style” is reported to have 2 billion hits on YouTube and with Hangover coming this June 8, will the new song surpass both Gangnam Style and Gentlemen in the music charts this year?

Hangover will hit digital retailers on June 9 via School Boy Records/Republic Records.

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