Queen and Adam Lambert Tour 2014: Kicks Off American Tour In Chicago! Attracts Fans Of Different Generations

Queen and Adam Lambert debuted their 24-show North American 2014 tour with a spectacular opener at Chicago’s United Center in Chicago last Thursday.

The grand debut gathered together fans of different ages-Lambert’s younger Glamberts and Queen’s more mature audience-in one jam-packed venue.

“We’ve played to some of your mothers and fathers,” guitarist Brian May told the full house. “And some of your grandchildren, I’m sure.” According to the Chicago Tribune, the legendary rock group’s reign spans generations, from the 70’s to the young rockers of today.

Queen and Lambert opened the show with “Now I’m Here,” in what the Tribune called a “rocking, dramatic opener” that “set the tone for the theatrical performance.”

Despite some technical setbacks, the trio made up for it in style and musical prowess. Brian May’s guitar and Lambert’s voice “interlaced effortlessly.” The Queen duo, May and drummer Roger Taylor, excited the audience with solo performances of their own as well.

Although Lambert was no Freddie Mercury, Rolling Stone praised the artist’s glamorous flare and singing ability.

“This singer and all his octave-defying range and theatrical flair owed a clear debt of gratitude to the late Freddie Mercury,” wrote the Stone. It also goes on to say that the American Idol finalist “stepped into the late singer’s massive shoes” and “proved [to be] as brilliant a fill-in as you’re bound to find.”


he trio performed “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Somebody To Love,” “Under Pressure,” and other classic Queen songs. They also slowed down Mercury’s solo song, “Love Kills,” which the frontman composed with Giorgio Moroder in 1982 for a restored 1927 silent film, “Metropolis.”

Bless him [Mercury], but we do a version of this 

way.” Lambert told the audience before singing the song with May and Taylor on the extended stage.


ccording to the Rolling Stone, the opening show was “a spectacle in the grandest order.” The Chicago Tribune also concluded that the show “epitomized Queen, in all its flamboyant glory.”


he Queen and Adam Lambert Tour 2014 is set to perform in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other cities and will end it’s North American leg on July 28. They will then move on to Australia and Asia.

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