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‘Queen’s Flower’ Jo Han Chul Wakes Up

'Queen's Flower' Jo Han Chul Wakes Up

In “Queen’s Flower” Jo Han Chul woke up.
On the 47 th episode of MBC weekend drama “Queen’s Flower” (script Park Hyun Joo, director Lee Dae Young, Kim Min Shik), Kim Do Shin (played by Jo Han Chul) woke up after having lost consciousness in the hospital for a while.

On this day, a nurse went into the hospital room where Kim Do Shin was.  At that moment, Kim Do Shin looked as if he had regained consciousness and attacted the attention of many.
At this news, Ma Hee Ra (played by Kim Mi Sook) and Choi Hye Jin (played by Jang Young Nam) ran to the hospital right away.  The two people were shaking in uncertainty just in case Kim Do Shin remembered them.
Meanwhile, “The Queen’s Flower” is about a woman, Lena Jung, who’s completely ambitious.  As she had given up her daughter, Kang Yi Sol (played by Lee Sung Kyung) for her own dreams to become a star chef, she one day reunites with her daughter and goes through various experiences.  Here, Park Jae Joon (played by Yoon Park) is her husband’s younger brother and is popular with many women.  Nonetheless, he is attracted to Kang Yi Sol creating a romantic comedy. 

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