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‘Queen’s Flower’ Kim Mi Sook Pushes For Divorce

'Queen's Flower' Kim Mi Sook Pushes For Divorce

“Queen’s Flower” Kim Mi Sook, Tells Kim Sung Ryung, “I Will Expose The Relationship Between Your Mother And Lee Sung Kyung.”
In this drama, Kim Sung Ryun’s character grows up in a poor hillside village.  She’s driven to succeed and instead of accepting her life as a single mother, she decides to abandon her daughter and moves to the U.S.  After going personally bankrupt, she is forced to return to Korea.  Marrying Lee Jong Hyuk, a chaebol, this drama is about the ambitious power struggle of a woman with her chaebol husband.

In “Queen’s Flower” Kim Mi Sook asked Kim Sung Ryung for a divorce.
On the 47 th episode of MBC weekend drama “Queen’s Flower” (script Park Hyun Joo, director Kim Man Shik) broadcast on August 22 nd , Hee Ra (played by Kim Mi Sook) pushed Lena Jung (played by Kim Sung Ryung) to a corner.
He Ra talked about the former crimes of Lena’s mother and said that if she does not get divorced, she will spread this news to the world.  At this, Lena pushed back asking how this is related to them as if a guilty by association.
Hee Ra did not budget a single bit.  She said that she would give some time to sign on the document.  If not, she would expose the relationship between her mother and Lee Sol.  With that, she added grave tension.

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