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‘Queen’s Flower’ Kim Sung Ryung Rebelling Against Kim Mi Sook

'Queen's Flower' Kim Sung Ryung Rebelling Against Kim Mi Sook

In “Queen’s Flower” Kim Sung Ryung and Kim Mi Sook had a fighting of the spirits.  They were in a mental conflict.
On the 47 th episode of MBC weekend drama “Queen’s Flower” (script Park Hyun Joo, director Lee Dae Young, Kim Min Shik) broadcast on August 22 nd , Lena Jung (played by Kim Sung Ryung) confirmed the fact that Hee Ra (played by Kim Mi Sook) was thought that Do Shin (played by Jo Han Chul) was the co-conspirator.

Lena saw footage of Hee Ra coming out of a café and was in shock.  She verified that Hee Ra was the one that sent her the text, “Murderer.”
At this, Lena said to Hee Ra who had come to see her, “In my opinion, I think the person who wants divorce is only your mother.  The person that mother is looking for so desperately is Kim Do Shin’s co-conspirator.  The IP track record has been done and everything has been revealed.  Please be truthful.  Isn’t Kim Do Shin alive?”  With that, she shot back.
At this, Hee Ra talked about Lena’s mother’s sins.  Lena said that this must be something like a crime where she is guilty by association.  With that, she ripped up the divorce papers.

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