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‘Queen’s Flower’ Yoon Park Can’t Reveal Truth To Lee Sung Kyung

'Queen's Flower' Yoon Park Can't Reveal Truth To Lee Sung Kyung

In “Queen’s Flower” Yoon Park ended up confessing the truth to Lee Sung Kyung.
On the MBC weekend drama “Queen’s Flower” broadcast on August 22 nd , Park Jae Joon (played by Yoon Park who had been hiding the side of Ma Hee Ra (played by Kim Mi Sook) in the CCTV confessed the truth to Kang Yi Sol (played by Lee Sung Kyung).

On this day, Park Jae Joon checked his mother’s look in the CCTV.  Nonetheless, he expressed the truth to Kang Yi Sol and said, “When I think of you and my sister-in-law, I think telling the truth is right.  Nonetheless, when I think about how my mother will be hurt, I don’t know what to do.”  With that, he expressed his inner feelings.
At this, Kang Yi Sol said, “If it were me, I would express the truth until the end.  That’s what’s really meant to be thinking of this guy.”
In this drama, Kim Sung Ryun’s character grows up in a poor hillside village.  She’s driven to succeed and instead of accepting her life as a single mother, she decides to abandon her daughter and moves to the U.S.  After going personally bankrupt, she is forced to return to Korea.  Marrying Lee Jong Hyuk, a chaebol, this drama is about the ambitious power struggle of a woman with her chaebol husband.

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