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‘Queen’s Flower’ Yoon Park Shocked To See Kim Mi Sook

'Queen's Flower' Yoon Park Shocked To See Kim Mi Sook

In “Queen’s Flower” Jae Joon (played by Yoon Park) caught onto the tail of Hee Ra (played by Kim Mi Sook).
On the 47 th episode of MBC weekend drama “Queen’s Flower” (script Park Hyun Joo, director Lee Dae Young, Kim Min Shik), Jae Joon tried really hard to find the co-conspirator of Lena (played by Kim Sung Ryung)’s murder case.

Jae Joon got a hold of evidence and started to go through the video tapes of surveillance cameras around the broadcasting company.  After seeing the scenes of Hee Ra on the surveillance camera, he was shocked and was surprised.
At that time, Lee Sol (played by Lee Sung Kyung) said to Jae Joon, “Let’s watch these tapes together.  That’s the only way to check whether I know of a person.”  Jae Joon thought that Lee Sol would recognize him and said, “Let’s go watch this together.  While I’m recording, please wait outside for a bit.”
Meanwhile, “The Queen’s Flower” is about a woman, Lena Jung, who’s completely ambitious.  In this plot, Park Jae Joon (played by Yoon Park) is her husband’s younger brother and is popular with many women.  Nonetheless, he is attracted to Kang Yi Sol creating a romantic comedy.  The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10PM.

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