Randy Travis Loses Voice and Ability to Speak after Stroke

Randy Travis is reportedly no longer capable of speaking, let alone singing, after he suffered from a stroke a year ago. At 54 years old, Travis has come up with a lot of iconic songs that country music lovers have always loved, such as “Diggin’ Up Bones” and “Three Wooden Crosses.”

According to the reports provided by TMZ, there was severe damage to Travis’ brain and that he can no longer use his gift of voice. An anonymous source informed TMZ that the “singer can’t form a sentence and it’s unclear if he is even lucid enough to allow a conversation.”

Travis is now 55 years and it was only earlier this month that he went to Thackerville in Oklahoma to attend a Dolly Parton concert. He was even photographed at the backstage area and Parton posted hit picture on her Facebook page. Halfway through her concert, she paid tribute to the stricken singer. She said, “There are some people you just love and admire for their talents. Tonight, one of those people are here. Randy Travis, wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying the show.”

His stroke is reportedly due to the sudden occurrence of a viral heart failure. Since the onset of his stroke in July of last year, Travis has kept out of the limelight. He has been working very hard in order to recover sooner and can now walk with the assistance of a cane.

His representative has informed TMZ that his therapist said that his return to the stage was not impossible. He could still return to his singing career, but not for at least three years. Moreover, Travis’ father, who also happens to be a famed singer, Harold Traywick, informed Closer magazine during an interview in February that his son’s condition was very much improving. He said, “He’s getting his voice back now, little by little.”

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