Ratings: “a New Leaf” Ends In Second Place But Two Episodes Short

Ratings: “a New Leaf” Ends In Second Place But Two Episodes Short
Ratings: “a New Leaf” Ends In Second Place But Two Episodes Short


This week saw the end of “A New Leaf” with its finale achieving second place. Although the drama dropped 0.9 percent from 9.0 percent to 8.1 percent for its final episode, it still rated slightly ahead of the new competition, “The Joseon Gunman.”

By the end of “A New Leaf,” Kim Myung Min, who plays a lawyer with amnesia, still had not regained his memory. But his lost memories were less important than the fact that he had become an even better lawyer and in many ways a better person.

The drama was originally scheduled for 18 episodes but was faced with several scheduling conflicts. The end date was supposed to be June 26 and the actors committed to other activities after the conclusion of the drama.

The Sewol Ferry tragedy in April prompted dramas to suspend broadcasts and then regional elections on June 4 interfered with the drama’s schedule. The drama producers and cast decided to end production with 16 episodes.

“Fated To Love You,” starring Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk, will take over the time slot on July 2.

The first place winner in the time slot remained the police drama “You’re All Surrounded.” The story is now in its resolution phase. Lee Seung Gi’s character Eun Da Gu is beginning to see Cha Seung Won’s character Seo Pan Suk in a new light. He is not the man he has grown up hating. And he’s also seeing Go Ara’s character in a much more positive way. In their pursuit of a mean-spirited rich woman, they are drawing closer to finding the real person who killed Eun Da Gu’s mother. And all four rookies now realize that they really do want to be detectives.

“You’re All Surrounded” went up slightly in the ratings, reaching 11.9 percent, an 0.8 percent increase from the previous night’s ratings.

“The Joseon Gunman,” starring Nam Sang Mi and Lee Jun Ki, achieved 8.4 percent of the viewer ratings for its first episode but had lost 0.4 percent by its second night. In the first episodes it is already clear that the traditional skills of a sword fighter will be no match for the modern gun. Lee Jun Ki’s character has great skill as a sword fighter but he will take up the gun for his revenge. He already met Nam Sang Mi’s character. She is disguised as a man and carries a gun. To escape the bad guys, they run off into the woods together.

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