Ratings For “Big Man” Remain Strong As Kang Ji Hwan Enacts Revenge

Ratings For “Big Man” Remain Strong As Kang Ji Hwan Enacts Revenge
Ratings For “Big Man” Remain Strong As Kang Ji Hwan Enacts Revenge


The “Big Man” characters Kang Dong Suk and Kim Ji Hyuk could have acted like brothers and spent quality time together but Daniel Choi’s character Kang Dong Suk just wanted to use his adoptive brother and then discard him.

Not only did this cruelty cost him some brotherly love but it also looks like it will cost him everything he has.

Kang Ji Hwan’s character Kim Ji Hyuk did not hold a grudge against his pretend family when they discarded him. He was so eager to have a family he was prepared to go to jail for him. But they pushed him too far and now he wants revenge.

Lee Da Hee’s character So Mi Ra was prepared to overlook some bad treatment for the man she thought loved her. But when she found out that the chaebol family she almost married into framed her late father and possibly murdered him, she decided to help Kim Ji Hyuk take his revenge. Now Kang Dong Suk has not only lost his girl but he stands to lose his company and potentially go to jail. So Mi Ra has access to his documents and his family’s secrets.

This revenge has driven the ratings for “Big Man” up to compete with the first place drama “Doctor Stranger.” Both dramas dropped slightly in the ratings but only differ by a fraction. “Doctor Stranger” dropped to 11 percent, which is 0.7 percent lower than the previous episode.

“Doctor Stranger” has a strong following, despite its recently confusing plot developments. Why is Jin Se Yeon in South Korea? What is it exactly the North Koreans need her and Lee Jong Suk to do? No matter how complicated it gets, viewers can’t help but root for the tragically separated and reunited lovers played by Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon.

“Big Man” also dropped 0.7 percent to 10.7 percent. That’s a 0.3 percent difference between the two dramas.

The third drama in the lineup did not come close.

“Triangle,” which is also a drama that sees brothers competing for a woman, rated 6.2 percent and that’s 0.3 percent lower than the previous broadcast.  In this case the brothers in competition don’t even know they are related. Kim Jaejoong’s character is in jail, leaving the coast clear for his brother, played by Im Si Won to move in on the girl they both love. Acted by Baek Jin Hee, the character prefers Kim Jaejoong’s lovable loser to the arrogant chaebol, played by Im Si Won. 

“Big Man” has only a few more episodes and a few more chances to reach first place.

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