Real Housewives Of Orange County Holiday Party Was No Silent Night! [VIDEO] More Like ‘Mean Girls’ As Heather Dubrow Gets Ganged Up on By Shannon Beador And Tamra Barney On RHOC


Real Housewives Of Orange County holiday party was no silent night! Last week’s Housewives episode at Shannon’s party was really depressing to watch. If the Orange County episode wasn’t scripted, then I really feel bad for these petty women who would argue for a garden hose if it made them feel more important. The Housewives these week are stuck in Junior High, making trouble for any woman in Orange County that they feel is a tad weaker than them at the moment. This week, it was Heather Dubrow that was the victim of the ‘Mean Girls’ epidemic sweeping through the OC. The other Housewives feel that Heather talks down to them and that she thinks she’s above them. Well, sorry but the way the Orange County Housewives talked behind Heather’s back, denied saying anything mean about her, and were unappreciative of Heather’s efforts all night, Dubrow really 

on a higher level than them.

On Real Housewives Of Orange County it was Shannon’s Christmas party, but there was little holiday cheer going on. 

Although Shannon said, “I love Christmas, and I love to throw parties. When you put those two together, I’m on cloud nine” and Heather remarked “people tend to get along better during the holidays,” both of those statements didn’t ring true at the Orange County party. Tamra Barney played Scrooge and managed to pull in Shannon Beador as her little evil helper. When Heather offered Tamra a spot on ‘Good Day LA’ to promote her 

gym, the unappreciative Barney took the low road, and returned Heather’s Christmas present with daggers. Who does Tamra think she is taking a 

beautiful Christmas gift from eather and stomping all over it? Even Tamra’s husband Eddie could not side with his ungracious wife at the party. Instead of saying ‘thank you’ to Heather and her husband, Tamra brought up how Heather didn’t ask her to be on the show before, having another 

gym on the morning news show in which Heather had absolutely no control over. Heather was a GUEST HOST.

Tamra should know better. 

I really hope that The Real Housewives of Orange County was scripted a bit, or else I am done with Tamra’s games.  Even if Tamra felt hurt, she should have thanked Heather and then made a mental note to approach Heather about her feelings at a later time. But Tamra turned gossiped about Heather to the other Housewives and turned the Orange County holiday party into an all out Housewives gang up on Dubrow. It was disgusting. When Heather left the party she told Tamra that she was disappointed in her behavior and that she loved her, but didn’t like her at the moment. Seems Heather is the only Real Housewives of Orange County cast member who still hasn’t pumped her brain with botox. Shannon and Tamra talked about Heather behind her back to Shannon’s guests, even after Heather and Shannon agreed that if they had issues, they would confront each other. This rude behavior has changed my opinion about Tamra and Shannon. Lizzie and Vicki were surprisingly the only normal Housewives in the episode. Lizzy was against talking about Heather behind her back, and Vicki actually stayed out of the fight.

Do you agree that Shannon and Tamra were wrong in their actions towards Heather?

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