‘Remember: War of the Son” Yoo Seung Ho Leaves With Letter

'Remember: War of the Son" Yoo Seung Ho Leaves With Letter

'Remember: War of the Son

In “Remember – War of the Son” Yoo Seung Ho left a letter for the ones he loved and left.
On the last episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama “Remember – War of the Son” (script Yoon Hyun Ho, director Lee Chang Min, production Logos Film) of Feb 18 th , Nam Kyu Man (played by Nam Goong Min) chose death after he was sentenced to death.

On this day, Suh Jin Woo (played by Yoo Seung Ho) said to Park Dong Ho (played by Park Sung Woong, “I thought you’d feel a lot better but I just feel numb. You and me, we’ve lived different lives but we have camaderie” as the two people’s lives were thought about.
At this, Suh Jin Woo said, “If I don’t remember you, then just pretend that I don’t know you. You are someone that I have more memories that I don’t want to remember.”
Afterwards, Suh Jin Woo and Park Dong Ho met at a memorial hall.  Suh Jin Woo said, “You were Attorney Park Dong Ho with the corny outfit, right?” Park Dong Ho pretended like he didn’t know him, as he asked.  With that, he said, “We have the same memorial day so we saw each other a couple times.”
Afterwards, Suh Jin Woo burned the notebook where his memories were and left a letter to Lee In Ah (played by Park Min Young).
Meanwhile, ‘Remember – War of the Son’ is a human melodrama that revolves around an attorney (played by Yoo Seung Ho) who tries to fight to prove his father’s innocence in a complicated murder trial.

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