Resident Evil 7 Voice Actors Confirm Leon And Hunnigan Return? Alleged New Details Show Which Characters Would Appear On RE7 For PS4, Xbox One And PC!

Big news on the Resident Evil 7 front as the voice actors for the game has confirmed that in Resident Evil 7, Leon Kennedy and Hunnigan are going to return!

Capcom could be have already begun the process of recording voice actor lines for Resident Evil 7. This follows rumours that the Japanese publisher is now working on Resident Evil 7

According to NeoGAF, VA Salli Saffioti talked about “recurring” gigs in video games. Saffioti is most famous for playing Ingrid Hunnigan in the Resident Evil series and she’s currently wrapped work on her other upcoming projects like Batman: Arkham Knight. Interestingly, Resident Evil is her only recurring video game voice acting gig. And it seems cast members from the CG movie Resident Evil Degeneration are also involved.

Crispin Freeman, who played Frederic Downing in Degeneration, tweeted about recording for a “time secret video game” and indicated that other VAs who played characters in the film were with him. Among them? Matthew Mercer, who voices Leon S. Kennedy. Saffioti later expressed her delight at being able to work with “great friends” as part of specs for a character audition.

This could mean that all of the above are working on another CG movie in the Resident Evil franchise. Some of them could even be playing different characters in Resident Evil 7 and there may be VAs we’re not aware about. Take this with a grain of salt but there’s no denying that Capcom is making some big moves – and all signs currently point to Resident Evil 7.

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