Revenge Season 4 Spoilers: Emily Thorne And Jack Porter Getting Back Together After Aiden’s Death Hinted; ‘We’re Definitely Going To See The Relationship Deepen And Grow, ’EP Says

Revenge Season 4 Spoilers are likely to show some of the twists and turns that have made the show so much fun to watch for the last three years. According to Christian Today, one of the things that one should watch out for in the fourth season of “Revenge” is whether Emily Thorne will get back with her childhood sweetheart Jack Porter.

Reportedly, Executive Producer Sunil Nayar said that Emily and Jack will reconnect during Emily’s grief. She explained that although the circumstances are not ideal for rekindling their relationship, but that is how it works in real life.

“…certainly the one person who will understand the loss she’s experiencing is Jack because he lost the woman he fell in love with and the mother of his child. So they get to connect not only on the level of what they mean to each other but there’s also an element of grief and anger. So we’re definitely going to see the relationship deepen and grow,” Nayar said.

Meanwhile, following the untimely death of her husband-to-be, Emily’s wrath will grow bigger against Victoria Grayson. Emily has spent the whole time avenging her father’s suffering. Now, she will seek revenge after Aiden was poisoned and suffocated by Victoria.

“We thought the best thing to do is make [Emily] understand what revenge is in a very different way. It’s one thing when you are a young girl and you lose your father and you have this idealistic sense of who he was and therefore you might idealize the sense of what you have to do to get him justice, but when you lose the man that you love, the love of your life with whom you plan on spending your life at the hand of the woman you hate more than anybody, it’s a much more mature kind of anger that I think will inform how Emily will go about doing what she does in season four differently,” Nayar, told E! News.

Aiden’s death will further fuel the anger in Emily and will intensify her desire for revenge against Victoria.

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