Revenge Season 4 Spoilers: Jack Porter’s Childhood Friend Joins The Cast, Will He Be Emily Thorne’s New Love Interest?

Revenge Season 4 Spoilers take account of a new cast member that may be Emily Thorne’s new love interest. According to Christianity Today, an unnamed source told TV Line, that the series will introduce a new character in the series’ season 4. He is Jack Porter’s childhood friend who suffers from post-traumatic war disorder.

“He decides to make his short-term visit to the Hamptons permanent after something life-changing happens to Jack, then makes fast friends with a number of the locals – including Em,” the source told the publication.

Breathe Cast reported that Emily will most likely develop an interest with the newcomer because of his military affiliation. Emily might be able to persuade this new character to help her locate Victoria, who may have a chance to strike back at Emily during her vulnerable moments.

“She’s done terrible things, she’s obviously a very wounded and messed up character, but at the end of the day, when she manages to get out, she’s going to be setting her sights on Emily … That’s going to be quite a drive, because we did see how Victoria reacted when ‘Amanda Clarke’ was out in the world, and she was bad to her … but when she actually takes stock of all the horribly awful things Emily has done and all the chaos she’s rained down on the Grayson family, she’s gonna be pissed, and she’ll come out swinging. As Emily is trying to create a new, more positive life for herself, as she tries to move forward, Victoria is going to be coming up behind her,” executive producer Aaron Herberts suggested at the ATX Television Festival.

David Clarke is expected to return to Season 4 as well. It can be recalled that he made a grand entrance in the series after he stabbed Conrad and left him to die on the side of the road. His comeback will definitely have an effect to his daughter, Emily, as well as to other characters.

“David will eventually be caught in the middle of that battle. He’s going to cause a lot of problems because he’s at a point where these two women’s lives intersect,” Executive Producer Aaron Herberts said.

Revenge Season 4 returns fall this year.

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