Ric Flair Still Idolized by Darius Rucker over the Years

Darius Rucker reminisced about his childhood times and shared that he spent a lot of it idolizing over Ric Flair. He said, “Ric Flair was such a huge part of my childhood and teen years. He’s an icon.”

According to Rucker, he spent most of his childhood years watching professional wrestling on the small screen. He even attended a few live grappling events at the former County Hall. Now, though, County Hall is merely an artifact and the territory days have been gone for quite some time now. However, despite this, Rucker’s regard for the “old day” and his admiration for Flair have never waned over the years.

Rucker, who used to be the front man of Hootie & the Blowfish back then, is presently a known country music icon. Despite his own career stability in the entertainment world, Rucker is not shy in displaying his admiration for the former pro wrestler.

He once purchased a robe that was worn by Flair himself and also owns a replica of Flair’s world championship belt. This replica belt is currently displayed inside his home. Rucker shared, “Years ago at the Jimmy V, Ric auctioned off one of his robes. I just turned to my band and said, ‘I’m getting this. I don’t’ care what it cost me…I’m getting this.'” Although there was heavy bidding for this robe, Rucker shared that he did not feel a bit deterred from his goal of getting it for himself.

Rucker further added, “It was a live auction and this other guy really wanted it. But, I wanted it a little more. It got up there pretty high. It cost me a pretty penny, but it was worth it.”

There are other sports memorabilia that are presently displayed inside his house. He also has an assortment of jerseys, including two which were given to him as a personal gift by NFL quarterbacks Brett Favre and Dan Marino.

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