‘Ricky And Morty’ Season 3 :Crossover Can Be Expected With ‘Gravity Falls’ In The Upcoming Third Season.

'Ricky And Morty' Season 3 :Crossover Can Be Expected With 'Gravity Falls' In The Upcoming Third Season.

'Ricky And Morty' Season 3 :Crossover Can Be Expected With 'Gravity Falls' In The Upcoming Third Season.

The season three of animated series “Rick and Morty” is expected to release in the year 2017, according to EN Stars.
“Rick and Morty” series is an imitation of the “Back to the Future” television series, which features various sci-fi adventures of Rick, scientist and his grandson, Morty.

The new season is rumoured to exclude the time travel sequences again, as they were not featured in the second season too. The creators of “Rick and Morty” series, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have also declined the possibility of any time travel scenes in the upcoming series.
According to Movie Pilot, Dan said that he is afraid of using such concepts in the series, as it would be hard afterwards to delete the idea from the series.  He also explained the reason of not including such theme of “Time Travel” in the animated series, saying that the idea is too strong and to describe it would be relatively confusing and complicated.
Justin explained the logic behind the narrative of the first part, in season two. He said that pausing time for few minutes and its consequences were purposely shown to the audiences, so that they understand that time travel would never again be an important concept in the series. The second season also featured an episode, in which Rick instructs Morty never to touch his time travel stuff, indicating that the series will never feature time travel concept, reported Den of Geek .
  Another rumour which has surfaced is that the series might be transformed additionally into a role-playing game. The creators of the show hinted the possibility during the “ETC podcast” in August, 2015.  Roiland also reported that the any one episode in the upcoming season, might involve action role-playing sequences.
According to Christian Post, the season 3 may also feature a mix-up with “Gravity Falls,” Disney’s animated series. The reunion of the two television shows might happen, as they both belong to the sci-fi action genre and that, Roiland and Alex Hirsch, “Gravity Falls” creator, have also worked together previously for Disney.
The new season will also include the story of Beth, Rick’s daughter. Beth’s story would also put forth her thoughts behind, why she always allowed her father to take her son Morty, for his adventures in space.

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