Rihanna And Drake: Canadian Rapper Caught The ‘Diamonds’ Singer Sexting Chris Brown! Ignores Each Other At Summer Jam, Source Says ‘They Really Did Not Interact At All’

After the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, we could really say that it is totally over between Rihanna and Drake. People have been talking about their alleged break up because the two have been rarely seen in public together; unlike a few months ago, when we see a lot of PDAs between them.

Last weekend, Drake performed with rumored girlfriend Nicki Minaj alongside Lil Wayne at the MetLife stadium. Rihanna was reportedly in the stadium as well for the concert. A source told Urban Islandz that the “Diamonds” singer and the Canadian rapper were in the same room, but they didn’t even talk to each other. What’s weird is that she had her photo taken with Nicki, who flirted with Drake both on-stage and off-stage.

The insider said, “RiRi was backstage where a lot of other artists were including Drake but they completely ignored each other and a lot of us were surprised.” The source added, “At one point Rihanna looked at Drizzy and smile but he had a scorn on his face and was chatting with everyone else. They both left the venue separately without saying anything to each other.”

An eyewitness confirmed the news to Hollywood Life, “Their tables weren’t far from each other, but they didn’t talk at all and he left before she did.” This incident was also confirmed by E! News’ reliable source. The insider said, “They really did not interact at all. She looked at him a few times and would smile, but they didn’t speak or even come near each other.” Based on their actions, we can confirm that Rihanna and Drake have definitely split up. Now, the question is “Why did the two break up?” According to an insider, the 27-year old musician caught the 26-year old songstress sending racy photos to her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who was still in rehab last March.

The source said, “Robyn is still madly in love with Chris and Drake became suspicious that she has been in contact with him.” The insider revealed, “One time he heard her talking to Chris and confronted her about it but she denied any relationship with Chris. He then found out she and Chris have been sexting each other and that made him very angry and pulled the plug on their relationship.”

Do you think Rihanna and Drake are better off apart from each other or do you want to see them back together?

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