Rihanna And Drake: ‘Diamonds’ Singer Wore A Shocking Outfit At CFDA Awards! Source Says ‘Canadian Rapper Prefers His Woman To Reveal Her Naked Body To Him Alone’

We all know that Rihanna and Drake have officially split up, but does that mean that she is now free to do whatever she likes? The “Diamonds” singer stole the spotlight during the CFDA Awards in New York City when she wore a shocking outfit! Riri wore a sheer dress that revealed her sexy body. Is this her way of getting her ex-boyfriend’s attention?

If that was her goal, then she succeeded with that because Drake was floored when he saw her photos. A source told Hollywood Life that the Canadian rapper’s initial reaction was: “Wow. Just wow.” The insider explained, “He [Drake] can see how some people are turned on by it and how others can be turned off.”

The source continued, “It’s fashion and glam, he guesses. Personally, he’s not surprised that his ex would wear something like that. She loves to shock people but with that ensemble, she made them gag.”

Rihanna and Drake may seem to be the perfect couple, but not everyone knows that the 27-year old rapper is quite conservative. The 26-year old diva may be too wild for him that’s why he decided to give her up.

A source revealed, “He’s old school and would prefer his woman to only reveal her naked body to him and him alone.” The insider added, “That’s just how he is but he thinks if it’s liberating for Rihanna to personally show her birthday suit to the world, and if she’s happy doing it, then more power to her.”

I’m pretty sure Rihanna would be pissed if she read his last comment. It only proves that Drake has already moved on and doesn’t care if she flaunts her naked body to the whole world. Why wouldn’t he? His hands are pretty full right now, literally, with Nicki Minaj. He recently posted a photo of himself carrying the “Starships” singer, whose legs were wrapped around his waist.

Do you think there’s still a chance for Rihanna and Drake to patch things up between them just like what happened to Riri and Chris Brown?

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